Acton Garden Club

Flora in Winter, Jan. 26-29, 2006

at Worcester Art Museum

Floral designers for the exhibit Flora in Winter created designs celebrating classical Rome in the form of a Roman deity, architecture, or a famous Roman quotation.

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"Roman Baths"

Maureen Christmas's two underwater designs interpret the Roman Baths and were appropriately displayed in the bathrooms.

Left - Ladies Room

          Mens Room - Right
"Covered Cup, Paul Storr"

Thelma Shoneman selected the Covered Cup because of her fascination with symbolism of fruits, flowers and foliages in all forms of art. This magnificent gilded-silver piece from the Victorian Era seemed filled with symbolic expression. By creating an arrangement of predominantly silver-green foliages, flowers with romantic symbolism and garlands intertwining, she hoped to capture the feeling of the silversmith's message from Godmother to Godchild.
Laura Lindop's design interprets Venus.


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