Acton Garden Club

Flora in Winter, February 1-4, 2007

at Worcester Art Museum and Tower Hill

The Club had two exhibits at Tower Hill showcasing this years theme, Cole Porter - "Anything Goes."

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"Satin and Silk"

Cathy Fochtman and Joan Yatteau collaborated, using an iridescent container and selected flowers in tints of pink to created an elegant arrangement

"Night and Day"

Laura Lindop created an arrangement with 1/2 fresh materials and the other side dried plant material

At the Worcester Art Museum Thelma Shoneman interpreted an ancient plate and participated in the challenge class

An interpretation of a ceramic plate, Rhages ware from Persia – 1100 to 1299. Thelma Shoneman used a metal frame and created the irregular shapes on the plate with Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick and emulated the primitive figures in the design with the cymbidium orchids! She used earthtones in keeping with the colors and pottery clay.

We had been sent a photo of the mosaic, Floor Mosaic of the Drinking Contest of Dionysos and Herakles. When we arrived at the museum the committee presented us with the container and plant material and this is what happened!!! The only preconceived idea I had was “squares” and so I stapled my flax into “squares” and started from there! So the single image is mine…all four are shown as they turned out!!! Sort of like Floral Design that we do each time!!!! It was fun.


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