Acton Garden Club

'Floral Interpretations'
with Thelma Shoneman

May 4, 2010

Our May general meeting featured our very own Thelma Shoneman demonstrating eight designs in which the meanings of each flower was used to illustrate a theme for various events.
The plant material was chosen for shape and feeling…the heliconia reminds me of crowns, the Aspidistra leaves and lotus pods symbolize majesty and truth.
By Faith we are called:
By our words we are known, Seeking Peace and Justice. To interpret this church motto, I used a grapevine basket to symbolize God's surrounding love, apples to symbolize justice, hyacinth to symbolize peace and faith, lotus pods to represent seeking for truth, and added Cherry to the handle which symbolizes Works. An ivy plant in the basket represents a growing faith.
Path of Life:
Harry Lauder's Walking Stick represents the winding path of life. Pine is added for strength, roses for God's constant love, Chrysanthemums for reliability and joy, and daisies which symbolize both youth/innocence and sympathy.
Rainbow of Hope:
A design of the colors of the rainbow in a boat-shaped container to express the story of Noah's Ark.
Treading on the Jordan:
Underwater design Selection of plant material appropriate for underwater and to represent sea creatures= Crispy wave fern, pin cushion protea, and above water, green callas to suggest sails
Human Relations:
Designed for Martin Luther King Day, the 2 circles represent 2 different worlds; the ferns symbolize humility and the roses symbolize God's Love. The worlds seem to be held together by God's Love.
Tussie- Mussies:
Comfort (facing a serious illness), tulip for happy years, memories, statice means sympathy and lemon balm means sympathy, love, and relief. Happy Birthday, rose means congratulations and friendship, basil = best wishes, chrysanthemum = optimism, joy and long life, statice = never ceasing remembrance.

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