The Newport Flower Show
June 25-27 at Rosecliff, Newport, RI
The 2010 theme:
Safari, Flora and Fauna

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Laura Lindop's design placed first and won the The Corinne Clarke Reynolds Trophy: for the best interpretation of a selected Design Class. Laura entered Class 2: Migration of the Wildebeest
Millions of wildebeest and other animals follow the rains and take advantage of the Serengeti ecosystem with its mosaic of grasslands and savannas. A parallel design of all fresh plant material. Staged on a pedestal 42" H, with a top 36" W x 18" D, painted taupe.
Thelma Shoneman's design placed second. Thelma entered Class 6: Avian Delights (water) Challenge Class
iSimangaliso Wetland Park is Africa's largest estuary and is home to hundreds of bird species. An expressive design of all fresh plant material, staged on a pedestal 42" H, with a 16" square top, painted taupe. Two of the three components components ( an 8" oasis ball, packing paper, and feathers) , provided by the Committee, must be featured in the design. Pedestal will be placed in front of a fabric panel 4' W x 10' H.
Maureen Christmas' design placed third. Maureen entered Class 10: High and Mighty The Aswan Dam was built to capture the flood waters of the Nile River during the rainy season and slowly releases the water during times of drought. An expressive design of predominantly fresh plant material staged on a 30" cube painted taupe. Cube will be placed in front of a fabric panel 4'W x 10' H.

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