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Flora in Winter, January 27-30, 2011

at Worcester Art Museum and Tower Hill

2011 Flora in Winter was a huge success at both Tower Hill Botanic Gardens and Worcester Art Museum.

For 4 days, January 28 through the 31st flowers were "blooming" at both venues. Among the 29 arrangements created at Tower Hill were 2 exhibits by Acton Designers, Laura Lindop and Joan Yatteau assisted by Sue Whitcomb and Gena Manalan. In the Chinese Gallery at the WAM, Thelma Shoneman interpreted Model of Granary. On Friday afternoon, Thelma also participated in a Floral Demonstration: Interpretive Challenge. Four designers received the same plant material and containers and were given an hour and a half to create an arrangement interpreting the Renaissance Court with all of it's columns and arched ceilings. While designing, they explained their ideas and techniques to the audience gathered in the court. Upon completion all four designs were dramatically different!

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At Tower Hill the Theme was "A Moment in Time"

"Art Deco with a Twist!"

Maureen Christmas chose Art Deco as her moment and created this stunning design.
This is Maureen's Statement of Intent:

I have always been drawn to the style of the 1920's and 1930's. The term 'Art Deco' defining that 'moment' in time came into popularity in the 1960's. Finding its origins in Paris, it embraced stylized geometric shapes, man-made objects and was seen as elegant, modern and glamorous. My intent with this design is to give the feeling of an Art Deco arrangement while incorporating modern design techniques.

"Island Time"

Laura Lindop selected her"Moment in Time' as the moment she arrived in Bermuda, newly married, to stay there for 3 years!!
Laura writes:

In the Spring of 1982 the leisurely drive from Bermuda's airport in St. David's parish to my new home above Horseshoe Bay on the spectacular South Shore will always stay in my memory. It was the contrast between the gray hues of a long, cold, damp Scottish winter to the eye popping hibiscus and the pastel painted houses with their gleaming white roofs peeking out from behind dense hedges of Bougainvillea that inspired my floral 'Moment in Time'.

At the Worcester Art Museum Thelma Shoneman interpreted 'Looking East from Denny Hill' by Ralph Earl

At the Worcester Art Museum. Thelma Shoneman interpreted the painting, Looking East from Denny Hill by Ralph Earl in the American Gallery. Thelma writes; I attempted to " paint a floral tapestry of green tints, tones and textures. To capture the tapestry feeling of the rolling hills and fields, I selected foliages and flowers for shape, texture and color. Then I organized them using design techniques of mounding, terracing and foliage manipulation. Some plant material used was Curly Willow, Trachelium, Hypericum berries, Aspidistra, Roses, Grevillea, Carnations, Galax leaves, and Chrysanthemums.


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