June 2011 - Horticulture Program

Stillwater program on DCR Watershed and Farm History
presented by Jim Lafley, DCR Ranger
Learn about the Sterling Garden Club Grant and joint work to upgrade the Interpretive Site

On June 14th members of the Acton Horticulture Study Group were the first guests of the Sterling Garden Club at Stillwater Farm. SGC President and assistant members welcomed the group with a cool drink and cookies before the DCR ranger provided a presentation on the Wachusett Watershed Program. Guests learned how the efforts of the DCR Watershed protects and provides the water sent to Boston and other towns in the Commonwealth. History of the farm site and how it has been changed to develop an interpretive educational site were explained. Models of the watershed zone and a floor drawing of the region helped demonstrate the size of the water protection efforts. SGC Chair of the Civic Development Committee, Carol Stewart-Grinkis, talked on the SGC revitalization project and grant at Stillwater. After a tour of the gardens, a box lunch, from a local orchard, was enjoyed by all at Carol's own gardens.

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