Acton Garden Club - 2013 Flower Show

Division III - Section 2 - Educational 'Acton: Town Action, Awarenss and Opprotunity'

September 23 & 24, 2013

Exhibit 4 - 'NARA Park'
Cathy Fochtman and Susan Harrigan - 1st and Educational Award Winner

Exhibit 3 - 'Rain Garden Project at ABRHS'

Pat Kosicki and Sue Whitcomb - 2nd

Exhibit 2 - 'Climate Change and You'
Dia Chigas, Fran Hearn, Fran Portante, Trudy Walther and Susanne Fuller - 3rd

Exhibit 1 - 'AB Buddies'
Ruth Schemel and Janet Richards - HM (this entire project was designed and created by the AB Best Buddies)

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