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Flora in Winter, January 26 - 29, 2012

at Worcester Art Museum and Tower Hill

2011 Flora in Winter was a huge success at both Tower Hill Botanic Gardens and Worcester Art Museum.

For 4 days, January 26 through the 29th flowers were "blooming" at both venues. Tower Hill Botanic Garden welcomed the 10th annual "Flora in Winter" extravaganza, held simultaneously and in collaboration with the Worcester Art Museum, featuring riveting floral designs inspired by this year's theme, "A Floral Feast." Enjoy stunning floral interpretations inspired by life's many banquets-feasts of celebration, holidays and honor. Feasts could also be interpreted as feasts for the senses, of decadence, or of giving as masterful designers interpret "A Floral Feast."

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At Tower Hill the Theme was "A Floral Feast"

"A Floral Feast - from the tropics!"

This is Maureen's Statement of Intent:

The bright, hot colors of the flowers and fruit of the trees in the Limonaia and the Orangerie contrasted against the cold palette of the New England winter inspired me to create a citrus based, tropical floral feast. The wired flexigrass imply cornucopias.The citrus are suspended in deco beads.

"What's for Dessert?"

This is Laura's Statement of Intent:
Laura writes:

Many Italian towns hold an 'Infiorata' for Corpus Domini, held 9 weeks after Easter, creating a carpet of flower petal art for the Corpus Domini procession.
It is exquisite!
Together with the floral piece there are traditional 6 course feasts beginning with 'antipasta' - literally 'before the meal' and ending 'dolce' - desserts and pastries like 'zeppole' served on St. Joseph's Day. Thus confirming the old adage "most of the world eats to live but Italians live to eat!" So the artistic and design elements that spoke to me are the contrast of colors, rhythms and textures occurring both in the fruit, vegetables and flowers.

At the Worcester Art Museum Thelma Shoneman interpreted 'Looking East from Denny Hill' by Ralph Earl

At the Worcester Art Museum.
Thelma Shoneman
interpreted a grouping of three temperas on wood, Scenes at the Coronation of the Emperor Frederick III at Rome by an unnamed Italian painter. These were originally designed to decorate a wooden chest.

Thelma writes: " I love the motion and commotion of the different events in the life of the Emperor. The rich colors and textures evoke an aura of royal importance. The buildings provide a background of strong architectural lines and depth in contrast to the busy figures in the foreground. All of these elements combined inspired me to tell the Emperor's story with leaf manipulation- black Ti leaves with wire wrapped lily grass; red New Zealand flax- and flowers - white Chrysanthemums, Mokara orchids, Mango Calla Lilies, white Hypericum berries and gold Grevillea, which reminded me of the curly hair-dos of the royal subjects!"


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