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Flora in Winter, January 23 - 26, 2014

at Worcester Art Museum

2011 Flora in Winter was a huge success at Worcester Art Museum.

Breathtaking flowers bloom in the galleries during our annual Flora in Winter four-day fund raiser. During this premier floral design event, skilled arrangers from across the region create captivating and imaginative interpretations of artwork's in virtually every gallery of the Museum.

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At the Worcester Art Museum

At the Worcester Art Museum.
Thelma Shoneman
interpreted a tall Case Clock by Edward Duffield.

Thelma writes: " Initially I was drawn to the Duffiled masterpiece as it brought back childhood memories of beautiful and interesting clocks which claimed prominent place in the Pennsylvania homes of my family. As I thought about a design interpretation, the contrasting straight and curved lines offered possibilities for an elegant design which would relate to this sophisticated expression of the Philadelphia Chippendale style. Because I love leaf manipulation, the graceful scroll top attracted me to the piece and confirmed my selection."

Tall Case Clock called for a vertical arrangement. In order to achieve that look, I began with 2 rectangular containers with straight sides and added detail to suggest the quarter columns of the clock by bundling twigs sprayed with glossy wood toner and bound by golden aluminum wire. To express the sophisticated Philadelphia Chippendale style, I selected elegant flowers such as orchids and roses and black Ti leaves which could be easily manipulated into the gentle, graceful curves of the scroll top. The rich brown/ red striated foliages emulate the wood tones, while the" Combo" roses pick up the antique gold color in the face of the clock. The gold aluminum wire woven through the strips of New Zealand Flax add sparkle to the arrangement and suggest the gold detail around the clock face. The Safari Sunset Leucadendron seemed a perfect color and shape to represent the flame finials. As for mechanics, I enjoy leaf manipulation and the curls of the foliages are secured with clear adhesive dashes. The Ti leaves are wired and then backed using many of those dashes to bond the leaves together. My goal was to create a design which was inspired by and related to the Tall Case Clock rather than to reproduce the clock. I hope you enjoy my interpretation.

At the Worcester Art Museum.
Maureen Christmas
interpreted A Torso of a Guardian of the Buddhist Faith.

Maureen writes: "I approached my design by looking at the shape, textures (actual and implied) and color of the art. I wanted to include elements of the sculpture without exactly replicating it and for the design to be able to stand on its own merits. First step was finding a container. I had this box which when I opened it seemed like a possibility. Then I turned it around so I was looking at the back of the box and the outside of the cover - mmm- not bad but the cover was a bit massive. I then rotated it so I saw part of the cover and back but could also see the side. The relationship of the open cover over the back in this angle approximated the right side of the sculpture so this was the winner. The box wasn't watertight so it is double lined with plastic and two plastic boxes that salad greens come in which are supported by other containers as they weren't deep enough. The plant material selected would be consistent with those found at the Torso of a Guardian of the Buddhist Faith's origins. I selected flowers in shades of orange as it is in the same color family as brown. They are placed to imply movement and mimic the attitude of the stance of the sculpture. The flexigrass is woven with fine green wire to imply the cloth strapping around the belly. The scalloped edge of the skirt is represented by the pine cone circles. Even though they are facing straight at you in the sculpture, positioning them like that in the design made them appear like bull's eyes so they were turned. The angular layers of material are expressed in the folded ti leaves. Other components were added to make the design complete. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it! "


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