The Acton Garden Club turns 70!

The planning for the celebration has begun!

The Past Presidents met this fall and decided that a planting in front of the Acton Memorial Library (Main St. side) would be a great way of celebrating this milestone.

Cathy Fochtman, our 70th Anniversary Chairman, along with Lynn Bruce, Sue Diguette, and Joan Yatteau developed a plan for the foundation plantings. Judy Dembsey has also been an advisor to the committee.
The plant material was selected to coordinate with existing plantings maintained by the Acton Garden Club in front of town hall, planted in honor of our 60th anniversary. The shrubs and tree will accentuate the beauty of the library's architecture. The committee has gotten the approval from the board and is now in the process of applying for a grant from the National Garden Club, Inc. for planting a garden at an Historic site. As the excitement builds, more updates on our 70th celebration will come....

Our 70th planting at the library is now a beautiful reality. Thanks to the great work of Cathy Fochtman, Joan Yatteau, Lynn Bruce, Sue Diguette, Judy Dembsey and the Past Presidents who made the proposal to the Board. Cathy, Joan and Jane met with Dean and his crew at 8:00am on Monday to begin the planting. We were all very excited when the plants arrived and worked on placement of the shrubs. Then, Dean's crew was wonderful in the heavy work of digging and moving. By noon, all shrubs were in place. Then around 1:00 Cathy, Joan, Meng, Lynn (who did a great job supervising and driving to pick up another wheel barrel) and Jane worked to put down the fabric cloth to stop weeds and with Dean's crew, who had a truck load of wood chips, we spread the chips over the entire area.

When you are driving by, please take time to pull over and enjoy the beautiful plantings. NO rubber necking on Rt. 27!

In celebration of 70 years of gardening for the community, the Acton Garden Club is excited to present a Standard Flower Show, "Garden Inspirations" on September 27- 28th 2004 in the Acton Memorial Library. Please join us - as we have many talented floral designers in our club.

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Last updated June 14, 2004