The Acton Garden Club Executive Board

Do you wonder what it is?

For the Club, the Board is important to all we do, learn and enjoy.

For you, involvement on the board is rewarding and fun.

President - She sets the tone for the Club, presides at meetings, represents the Club at Federation meetings and dispenses information from other clubs, organizations and community groups.

Vice-President - In our Club we hope she will go on to succeed the President, so note the above. Meanwhile, besides 'standing in' for the President, she coordinates the Community Service Committees and she also heads up the Yearbook Committee.

Treasurer - Handles the Club's funds and financial records and makes monthly reports to the membership. With the help of the finance committee, she prepares the annual budget.

Auditor - Performs an annual check of the Club's finances for presentation to the membership at the Annual Meeting and assists the Treasurer with dues and plant sale receipts. She also prepares the annual tax filings for the Federal and State governments.

Recording Secretary - Records all minutes of the Board and Regular meetings and reports these to the membership. She also prepares the Annual Report.

Corresponding Secretary/Membership - A big and friendly job, this Chairman is involved with everyone. She is the first person to be in touch with prospective members, sending them the brochure and explaining to them the ins and outs of the Club. She presents new member applications to the Board. She introduces and welcomes new members and guests at regular meetings, takes attendance and hands out name tags. She reads correspondence, sends invitations to all special Club events, assists the Yearbook Committee, and writes membership updates for the newsletter.

Historian - Cherishes, organizes and stores for posterity all sorts of records, clippings, photos and our many awards.

Communications - Keeps mailing and phone lists 'up to the minute,' prepares Club name tags, prepares labels for Club-wide mailings and produces the semi-annual newsletter.

Conservation and Environmental Education - Keeps abreast of Conservation and Environmental issues and brings relevant topics to the attention of the membership. Coordinates the Club's involvement with Acton's 'Earth Day' celebration.

Caring Committee - She is part of our tradition of caring. She keeps aware of news, both happy and sad, about our members and sends cards, flowers and/or pays visits, reporting on this to the membership.

Hospitality - Organizes hostess committees for regular meetings, selects the location and menu for the Annual Meeting and plans the menu for the June and December luncheons.

Photographer - Has her camera ready for all Club events and photographs all club goings-on.

Program - Works with a large committee, each of whom takes responsibility for one monthly meeting. She consults with the President on general themes, arranges rental of the meeting place, oversees financial arrangements and special requests related to each program and keeps the Publicity Chairman informed.

Publicity - Prepares and submits to local and Federation publications as much information about our activities as possible. She later organizes published work in a 'Pressbook' for the Federation awards committee.

Ways and Means - Heads a committee that involves the entire Club in both our annual plant sale and our in-house fund raising.

Each of the Community Service and Study Groups also have chairmen who serve on the Board:

Civic Beautification

Meeting House Hill - Daffodil Run

Floral Design

Acton Arboretum Herb Garden

Garden Therapy at Emerson Hospital


Meeting House Hill - Wildflower Garden

Garden Therapy at Suburban Manor

The Acton Garden Club

Survey of Members' Talents, Abilities and Interests

Please fold into thirds, seal and stamp this form and return as soon as possible to:

Cathy Fochtman, 184 Nagog Hill Road, Acton, MA 01720

Name ____________________________ Tel. _________________ E-Mail ____________________________

Fax _____________________________

This survey has been developed to provide information that is of immediate importance to the Executive Board and the Nominating Committee. It is also an opportunity for you to share your talents and skills and express your ideas for programs.

The Nominating Committee meets in January to nominate a new Board for the coming year. In filling the many positions that become available each year, it is always helpful for the committee to have updated information on our members' interests, abilities and previous experience. Whether you are new to the Club or have served on the board for years, please tell us what positions you might be interested in or what committees you might be interested in Chairing, Co-Chairing or serving on:

__ Treasurer

__ Horticulture Study

__ Photographer

__ Civic Beautification

__ Auditor

__ Program

__ Junior Gardeners

__ Ways & Means

__ Recording Secretary

__ Conservation

__ Floral Design

__ Herb Garden

__ Membership

__ Caring Committee

__ Program Committee (7)

__ Meeting House Hill - Daffodil Run

__ Historian

__ Hospitality

__ Publicity

__ Meeting House Hill - Wildflower Garden

__ Communications

__ Nominating

__ Yearbook Committee (5)

__ Garden Therapy at Emerson

__ Garden Therapy at Suburban

We rely on members for help in producing our Publications.

Please let us know if you can help in any of these areas.

Computer Skills ____ Artistic Ability (Yearbook cover) ____ Calligraphy ____ Other______________________

Our major fund raiser is the Annual Plant Sale in May and we are always interested in new ideas to enhance this event.

Do you have a truck or van for transporting plants to the sale?______________________________

The Program Committee meets in April to plan the programs for the following September through August.

Do you have any suggestions for program topics or speakers for next year's meetings?__________


Do you have a garden that you would like to open to the Club for a summer meeting or for a Horticulture Study Group visit? ______________________________________________________

Do you have any suggestions for Workshops or Field Trips?_______________________________________

Would you be interested in helping to prepare information for our club to submit for State or National Awards?___________________________________________________________________