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Shirley Towle Memorial Lecture Series

Events are free to the public.

A generous bequest from Shirley Towle, a longtime member and former President of the Acton Garden Club, allows the Club to sponsor a series of lectures featuring horticultural or environmental topics. Shirley joined the club in December, 1957 and was President from 1962-1964. During this time, she oversaw the establishment of gardens at Meeting House Hill (at the corner of Main Street and Nagog Hill Road) as a garden club project. Over the years, she served the garden club in many roles.

These lectures are open to the public free of charge.

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Previous Presentations:

May 14, 2015
'Gardening Simplified for Changing Lifestyles: Plant This, Not That' with Kerry Ann Mendez

Change happens but many still dream of 'Better Homes and Gardens' landscapes but reality has muddied the picture. Job demands, kids, money, hectic schedules, aging bodies, and changing interests have led to nightmare gardens. Time for some 'editing'. This inspiring lecture provides easy-to-follow downsizing strategies, recommended no fuss plant material, and design tips for stunning year-round gardens that will be as close to 'autopilot' as you can get...

Joan Gardner (Acton Garden Club President), Kerri Ann Mendez, Susanne Fuller

September 12, 2013
Local Climate Change from Records of Thoreau with Professor Richard Primack
Science meets art in the research being done by Concord resident, Richard B. Primack, Professor of Biology at Boston University. In the mid-1800's by Henry David Thoreau kept extensive records on seasonal changes such as the bloom times for a great number of local plants as well as the spring bird arrivals and depth of snow. Following in Thoreau's footsteps, Professor Primack has been observing many of the same natural occurrences and comparing the current data, with the information collected Thoreau a century and a half ago. What has changed?

Professor Primack will speak on his research on the impact of climate change on the flowering and leafing out times of plants, the spring arrival of birds and the flight times of insects and the potential for ecological mismatches among species caused by climate change.

Susanne Fuller, Professor Richard Primack, Pat Kosicki (Acton Garden Club President)

Shirley Towle Memorial Lecture Series Committee:
Susanne Fuller, Phyllis McDoungh, Joan Yatteau, Professor Richard Primack, Maureen Christmas, Peggy Garrison

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