For Art in Bloom 2008, at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Thelma Shoneman , Arranger and Sandy Bonzagni, Assistant created an interpretive design in the African Gallery.
The object interpreted was a Man's Ceremonial Skirt from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kuba Kingdom, Bushong Subgroup. Kuba men wove rectangular raffia panels which women then embellished and pieced together. In their floral interpretation, they featured woven foliages, using dark brown Ti leaves combined with raffia colored strip palm fronds plus a wheat stem for texture. The red costas and bromeliad flowers suggested the faded red color and shapes in the border of the skirt. Yellow sunflowers and celosia were selected for both texture and the yellow color in the pattern. The twig garland added rhythm; the rectangular basket made of grasses was chosen for the shape and texture and to convey the feeling of the skirt.

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