For Art in Bloom 2011, April 30 - May 1,2011, at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Thelma Shoneman, arranger, and Pam Nelson Fuller, assistant, interpreted the sculpture titled "Scale model for Pennsylvania Railroad World War II Memorial." This piece is a 1/3 replica of the 36-6 tall bronze sculpture located in the waiting room at the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was designed to be reminiscent of the 1,307 fallen soldiers of the Pennsylvania Railroad of World War.

The strong vertical motion of the angel's magnificent wings provided their initial inspiration. An understated plaster-like container with a vertical presence was selected to emphasize this movement. Large palm fronds reflect the simplicity and magnitude of the vertical wing expansion. The variety of textures and contrasts in the plant material suggest the sculptor's portrayal of the angel's strength contrasted against the weak form of the dying soldier.

Thelma and Pam used Amaranthus, Aspidistra 'Milky Way', Tulips, Protea 'Artic Ice', and Sago Palm to create this stunning arrangement

Maureen Christmas created designs for the Huntington Street enterance of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

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