For Art in Bloom 2012, April 28 - 30,2012, at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Thelma Shoneman, arranger, and Pam Nelson, assistant, interpreted a portrait, Paul IV, painted by American contemporary artist, Chuck Close in 2001. Close takes photos of his subjects, divides the photographs into square grid sections and paints each section with hundreds of tiny abstract marks, little paintings unto themselves. When viewed from a distance, the colors melt into the likeness of the sitter. This method allows the artist to paint incredible portraits even though he suffers from face blindness.

Inspired by the grid method, the floral interpretation featured several small grids fashioned from flat steel grass. Orchids, sea holly, celosia, mini- calla lilies, Agapanthus and Hypericum berries created the mosaic colors and overall feeling of the painting.

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