For Art in Bloom 2014, April 26 - 28,2014, at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Thelma Shoneman, arranger, and Pam Nelson, assistant, interpreted a Paul Revere painting, by John Singleton Copley and a Paul Revere silver teapot

The highly polished worktable, the complicated gathers in Revere's white linen shirt, the blue-green open waistcoat, and the silver teapot, are key features that inspired our interpretation. The reflection of light on Revere's face and the discernable pattern of 'V' shapes extending from Revere's thumb and index finger resting on his chin, all the way down to the bent elbow at his waistline also contributed to the center of interest in the floral design.

The container was selected for its color, luminosity, and overall shape, which has a stronger presence on its left, just as there is more light on the left side of the painting. A stem of variegated New Zealand flax adhered to the container adds texture and a wood-grain appearance. White calla lilies were chosen for their soft, fabric-like texture and shape. Aspidistra leaves are curled to suggest the waistcoat and provide depth and interest in the arrangement. The silver foliage relates to the details of the teapot while the roses pick up the color of Revere's face and hands.

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