For Art in Bloom 2015, April 25 - 27, 2015, at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Thelma Shoneman, arranger, and Pat Kosicki, assistant, interpreted 'Picture Gallery with Views of Modern Rome' a painting in the European gallery by Giovanni Paolo Pannini, Italian, date, 1757.

This painting happened to be one of Malcom Rogers' favorite paintings at the MFA, featured in Art in Bloom in celebration of his 20th anniversary as Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

In the painting details of scenes of Rome and gallery are masterfully executed. The beautiful arches of the gallery creating depth inspired the arching lines of curly willow and flax in the floral design. The Lipstick foliage with its marbled coloring was a perfect choice for the columns in the gallery. The many rectangular frames in varying sizes are suggested by bear grass manipulated into the geometric shapes and secured with a fine gold wire wrapping. These "frames" were woven through the design. Contrasting textures express the tiny details in the painting. The rich color of the draperies was captured by deep red-rust lilies and dark mango calla lilies. The golden beige tones in the frames and buildings was suggested by the Combo rose and a similar shade of carnation. Gray foliages of Dusty Miller, and Brunia picked up the gray in the gallery walls while the curly Grevillea flower suggested the detail carved in the columns of the building.

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