“In Search of Paradise”

Central Districts of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts Standard Flower Show with cooperation of the Worcester County Horticultural Society

Held at the Tower Hill Botanical Garden

November 12 - 14, 2004


Look at the beautiful designs from our talented Club Members



Laura Lindop's Class 2 "Celestial Paradise,"

a hanging design  Plant material: Miscanthus (inflorescence), Panicum (green seedheads),

Protea. 2nd place winner with 90+ points.






Laura Lindop, Division I-Design, Section C, Class 7: "Castles in the Clouds," a mass design. Plant material: Antirhinum (snapdragon), Astilbe, Bupleurum, Chrysanthemum, Leucadendron 'Safari Sunset,'
Panicum (millet), Phlox, Pittosporum, Rosa, Ruscus.







Maureen Christmas Division I-Design, Section D Miniature Designs, Class 10 "Attaining the Summit," a petite design (no larger than 5" high or wide) in an oval porthole. Plant material: Achillea (Yarrow), Iris siberica (seedpod), Gypsophila repens (baby's breath). 2nd place winner with 90+ points.























Acton Arboretum Educational Display






Thelma Shoneman's blue ribbon and Designer Choice Award for Division I-Design, Section A, Class 1: "Tropical Paradise," an underwater design. Plant material: Anthurium, Bambusa, Strelitzia.







Thelma Shoneman won first place in Division II, Special Exhibits, Section B, Artistic Crafts "Still Searching" Class 2 "The Perfect Mate," a bridesmaid's bouquet (vase supplied by committee). Plant material: Galax, Pepperberry, Mambo Rose, and Safflower (in bud).

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