"Drought Tolerant Plants for Our Gardens"
A presentation given to the Horticulture Study Group
Waterwise Gardening Committee, November 8, 2005

The Waterwise Gardening Committee
(Acton Garden Club: Trudy Walther, Pat Cumings, Cathy Fochtman, Jane Olesin,
Acton Water District: Jane Ceraso)

We provide you with details you need to start reducing your lawn area
by 50% using drought tolerant plants

The speaker last Tuesday, Marie Stella, introduced us to drought tolerant gardening, the need and impact on the environment. She said it was now reaching not only locally, nationally, but globally. As she spoke I realized that we were already doing those things in our club. We're on the cutting edge!

So, today, we are going to broaden her presentation by discussion of ways and means. Cathy will talk soil/water, Jane drought tolerant plants, and Trudy, meadows.

The need is basic. New England has a difficult climate: wet spring, hot, dry summers, dry fall and sub-zero winter. That's a lot for a plant to handle, but there are those that do--especially if they get some TLC: good soil, good location and appropriate water. As you can see by our chart, Key Features of Waterwise Gardening , we have identified the how-to's which will be covered by our speakers.

This whole project has been driven by water. It is in limited supply due to more water devices, increased population, and lack of concern over its use, thus increasing waste. The Garden Club joined with the Water District to initiate some educational and informational programs over the past six years. We have installed demonstration gardens at the Water District, visited interested participating gardeners to assist in executing drought tolerant plants and water saving ideas, as well as holding seminars at the Water District.

We hope today's program will open the door to water conservation and lovely gardens known in our club as Waterwise Gardening.

presented by Pat Cumings

Each speaker during this presentation identified the key features and how-to's of waterwise gardening.

Key Elements of Waterwise Gardening
Key Features of Waterwise Gardening     (654KB)

Drought Tolerant Slide Presentation
Drought Tolerant Slide Presentation in Color    (4.4MB) color
Drought Tolerant Slide Presentation in Black and White    (1MB) B/W

Drought Tolerant Handouts
Site Conditions, Soil and Water    (41KB)
Drought Tolerant Plant Information and List    (247KB)
Meadow Gardening    (18KB)

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