Gardening with Young People

The Gardening with Young People Program is designed to meet with different groups of young people from the Acton-Boxborough community who are invited to participate in a hands-on educational project involving one or more of the following concentrations: horticulture, floral design, conservation, civic beautification and garden therapy.

The Gardening with Young People Program provides assistance and funding, if necessary. It also provides education and assistance in coordination with the garden Club's Education Grant.

This committee has an ongoing relationship with the Acton-Boxborough Regional School District. It functions in both a consultative and handson supervisory role with the elementary schools’ teachers and students in their pollinator gardens. Additionally it has a strong relationship with the A B Buddies program at the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. The committee meets with this after-school club multiple times a year to arrange flowers for an event or for the students’ families or plant flowers on the school grounds or in pots to be taken home. The committee welcomes opportunities to work with other groups in the community.

2016 Gardening with Young People Workshop:
2016 October - AB Buddies

2015 Gardening with Young People Workshop:
2015 Community Service Day
2015 November - Best Buddies

2014 Gardening with Young People Workshop:
April 2014 - Best Buddies
May 2014 - Conant Elementary School
June 2014 - Merriam School
July 2014 - Community Education Summer Camp

2012 Gardening with Young People Workshop:
October 2012 - Best Buddies
October 2008 - Maintenance of Garden Tools
September 2008 - Tour of Turkey brook Farm - an Ecological Gardening Site
June 2008 - Decorative Leaves for the Home

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