Horticulture Study Group

The Horticulture Study Group consists of members who are interested in 'dirt gardening.' Everyone is welcome whether a new gardener or experienced; all that is needed is an interest in gardening. We meet monthly except December, July and August at members' homes or at the Acton Memorial Library. At the January meeting, we plan our next year's programs.
Members lead the programs after having studied a gardening topic and then present a talk or demonstration to the group. Included in the year's programs may be a hands-on workshop or demonstration and tours/field trips of public/private gardens or nurseries. If a topic presented has handouts, they are sent electronically to all who have expressed an interest in the horticulture programs.

2011 Horticulture Study Workshop:
June 2011 - Stillwater

2008 Horticulture Study Workshop:
November 2008 - Propagation of Hardwood Cuttings
October 2008 - Maintenance of Garden Tools
September 2008 - Tour of Turkey brook Farm - an Ecological Gardening Site
June 2008 - Decorative Leaves for the Home

Floral Design Study Group

The Floral Design Study Group, an informal group open to all members, meets three times a year. The design workshops are planned to interest participants who are novices as well as seasoned arrangers. Projects are selected to familiarize the designers with a variety of design types common in standard flower shows. Goals include learning the principles and elements of design as well as the mechanics useful in creating different types of arrangements. The 2015-16 series will feature some fun trends and techniques in floral design.
The top priority is to “Have Fun with Flowers!”

2016 Floral Design Workshops:
January 2016 Trends and Techniques - Part II - Hearts and Flowers