Schedule of Programs and Events
2003 - 2004

Theme :
"Design and Create a Greener Community"

Please refer to your 2003 - 2004 Yearbook for details on program or event locations.

September 2003

September 4 Board Meeting , at 9:15 AM Thursday
September 9
Healthy Gardening: How to garden for the rest of your life
A Slideshow Presentation
with Judith Reeve Consultant on Horticulture and Landscape Design
Coffee honoring Past Presidents - 9:00 AM
Honoring Acton's Looking Good Winners - 9:30 AM
Business Meeting - 9:45 AM
Program - 10:30 AM
September 16 Horticulture Study Group "The Big Picture: Where to start in designing your landscape" , at 9:15 AM
September 17 GCFM - Central North & South Coffee, Tower Hill
September 23-25 GCFM - Flower Show School, Course 3, Marlboro, MA
September 30 Board Meeting , at 9:15 AM

October 2003

October 7
A Taste of Holland
See the bulb fields at the Keukenhof, discover unique architecture and visit some of the finest gardens in Holland
Adriana O'Sullivan Chairman of Garden Study School and Chair of Horticulture for the Sharon Garden Club She has studied Landscape Design at Arnold Arboretum
Coffee 9:00 AM
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM
October 7 GCFM - Awards Workshop
October 14 Horticulture Study Group "Hardscape and Structures in the Landscape" at 9:15 AM
October 17 GCFM - Design Workshop #1
October 20 GCFM - Horticulture Morning
October 21 & 22 GCFM - New England Regional Symposium, Mt Snow, VT
October 21 Floral Design Study Group "Harvest of Summer Memories" Dried flower wreath in pavé style. Bring dried flowers from your garden. Wreath base and fresh flowers will be provided. with Thelma Shoneman at 9:15 AM
October 25 & 26 GCFM - Environmental School #4
October 28 GCFM - Designing Principles #1
October 28 Board Meeting, at 9:15 AM
October 28 Newsletter Deadline
October 29 GCFM - Fall Conference, Colonial Conference Center, Lynnfield

November 2003

November 4
Perennial Garden Design
A slide lecture - shape your own garden style - including plant selection, layout and rhythm
with Suzanne Mahler Lecturer, Columnist and Grower of Hostas and Daylilies
Coffee 9:00 AM
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM
November 6 - 8 GCFM - Landscape Design School, #2
November 11 Horticulture Study Group "Trees and Shrubs in the New England Landscape" at 9:00 AM
November 21 GCFM - Design Workshop #2
November 25 Board Meeting, at 9:00 AM

December 2003

December 2
‘Holiday Workshop'
Candles in a Bobeche of Greens
with Thelma Shoneman Master Judge, Co-Owner of Colony Florist, Concord, MA
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM
Luncheon Noon

January 2004

January 6 Horticulture Study Group "Planning Meeting" and gardening book swap", at 9:15 AM
January 13 Plant Sale Craft Workshop 9:00 am
January 20 Floral Design Study Group "Come Fly Away" Design featuring driftwood with a mechanical twist. Either bring your own or choose from Thelma's collection. Flowers and container will be provided. Bring pruners, scissors and trash bag. with Thelma Shoneman at 9:15 AM
January 27 Board Meeting, at 9:00 AM
January 27 Financial Reports Due and Newsletter Deadline
January 27 GCFM - Design Principles #2

February 2004

February 3
Longing for Spring - Ikebana in Winter
Demonstration of Japanese floral arranging, both entertaining and instructive
with Kaye Vosburgh Teacher and Demonstrator of Ikebana since 1989

Coffee 9:00 AM
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM
February 10 Horticulture Study Group "Bonsai Demonstration: Creating a landscape in miniature" , at 9:15 AM
February 24 Board Meeting, at 9:15 AM
February 24 Annual Reports Due

MARCH 2004

March 1 GCFM - Horticulture Morning #3
March 2
The Life and Times of the Monarch Butterfly in Maine
A Conservation Program Slide lecture of an enchanting Seal Harbor Estate, an east coast challenge in 1920's for Prairie School designer, Jensen
with Jane Roy Brown Landscape Historian
Coffee 9:00 AM
Business Meeeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM
March 9 Horticulture Study Group "Hi-tech/Lo-tech Landscape Drawing and Design" at 9:15 AM
March 15- 23 New England Spring Flower Show, Bayside Exposition Center, Boston
March 23 Floral Design Study Group "An Irish Mist" All botanical arrangement. Flowers and container will be provided. Cost - to be announced. Bring pruners, scissors, and trash bag at 9:15 AM
March 30 Board Meeting, at 9:15 AM

APRIL 2004

April 1 - 3 GCFM - Gardening Study School #3
April 5 GCFM - Horticulture Morning #4
April 6
The Annual Meeting and Luncheon
Business Meeting and Annual Meeting 10:00 AM
FriendShip Hour 11:00 AM
Luncheon 12:00 PM


April 6 GCFM - Design Principles #3
April 9 GCFM - Design Workshop #3
April 22 GCFM - Northern District Annual Meeting
April 13 Horticulture Study Group "Borders: Sharing design tips and resources" at 9:15 AM
April 25-27 Art in Bloom, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
April 27 Board Meeting at 9:15 AM (Both incoming and outgoing Board Members)

MAY 2004

May 4
Wildflower and Meadow Gardening
Slide lecture of naturalistic wildflower gardens with tips for planting techniques
with Joan Parker Naturalist and Grower of Wildflower Gardens since 1987
Coffee 9:00 AM
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM
May 8 Acton Garden Club, Annual Plant Sale
May 11 Horticulture Study Group "Color Themes in the Garden" at 9:15 AM
May 14 GCFM - Design Workshop #4
May 15 - 19 NGC - National Garden Club Convention - St. Louis, MO
May 25 Board Meeting, at 9:15 AM
May 26 GCFM - Annual Meeting, Holiday Inn, Mansfield

JUNE 2004

June 1
Plant Sleuthing in New England Slide lecture
with Ruah Donnely Author of "The Adventurous Gardener" (Winner of the 2001 Quill and Trowel Award) and enthusiast of New England horticulture
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM
High Tea 12:00 PM
June 6-12 National Garden Week
June 10 Horticulture Study Group "Stages of Growth in the Landscape: A tour of four members' gardens" at 9:15 AM
June 17 - 21 GCFM - MA Gardens on Tours
June 24 - 28 GCFM - MA Gardens on Tours

JULY 2004

July 6 English Garden Adventure
Slide Lecture Gardens will include: Sissinghurst, Stow Head and the gardens of the late Rosemary Verey at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston
with John Drexler Executive Director Tower Hill at 10:00 AM


August 3 Exploring the Many Vistas of the Gardens of Maureen Christmas
Meeting 10:00 AM

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