Schedule of Programs and Events
2009 - 2010

Theme :

Please refer to your 2009 - 2010 Yearbook for details on program or event locations.
The GCFM Horticulture Mornings, Design Workshop, and Back to Basics programs are held at the Espousal Center from 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon.

September 2009

September 3     Board Meeting,
at 9:15 AM Thursday
September 8       "Hats Off to Our Presidents"
A Floral Design Demonstration Contemporary designs with hat and plant material
with Julie Lapham, National Garden Club accredited Master Judge

Coffee honoring Past Presidents - 9:00 AM
Honoring 'Acton's Looking Good' Winners - 9:30 AM
Business Meeting - 9:45 AM
Program - 10:30 AM

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September 12       Acton Day 2009 - NARA Park

September 16       GCFM Central North District Coffee, Great Brook Farm, Bolton

September 21-22   GCFM - NE Regional Meeting, East Windsor, CT
Representing Massachusetts at the New England Region meeting, Maureen Christmas was asked to make a design using recycled material. Thinking the design should represent Massachusetts as well, she was inspired by the Zakim Bridge. A broken bicycle was cut into parts with portions of the frame forming the tubes and the wheel spokes epoxied to form fan shapes. The spokes are removable and are held in position using a piece of the inner tube. Small booklights provided uplighting. Plant material was placed to give the feeling of roadways. She couldn't have done this with out the technical assistance of two friends in the autobody business.

September 22       Horticulture Study Group
‘Yoga for the Gardener’ with Margaret Stockely – Tri Yoga – Boxborough
St. Matthew’s Church, 435 Central St., Acton, MA
at 9:15 AM
Contact: Carole Ward

September 23      Peter Alden Lecture - ‘Challenges in Conservation’

            Open to the Public - Acton Town Hall, Room 204
Light Refreshments - 7:00 pm
Program - 7:30 pm
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September 24-26       GCFM Flower Show School, Course IV
Holiday Inn, Taunton, MA

September 29   Board Meeting , at 9:15 AM

September 30 - October 3   NGC - Fall Board Meeting, St. Louis MO

October 2009

October 2-12       Topsfield Fair

October 3       West Acton Oktoberfest 2009

October 6       'Just Cook' A Lecture, Demonstration and Lunch
Learn about the best herbs to grow in our zone; inter-planting and companion planting along with the many ways of harvesting, preserving and using herbs. After the demonstration you will be invited to the buffet table for lunch.
with Paul Split, Chef and Horticultural Lecturer

Coffee 9:00 AM
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM

October 13      Horticulture Study Group
Tour of ‘Dam House’ & Perennial Plant Exchange
Program Presenter: Bob Johnson
at 9:15 AM

October 14       GCFM Designing Principles,

October 15-17       GCFM Landscape Design School, Series 13,Regis College

October 20       Floral Design Study Group
Getting ‘Flower Show’ Ready Acton Now & Then: Plaque Design"
Create an arrangement on a panel. Collect and bring dried plant material suitable for gluing, including lichen, bark, and vines. Background panel and glue to be provided with Thelma Shoneman
Bring: • Floral tool box • Pruners, floral shears, knife, stapler, wire cutters. Cost: $10
at 9:15 AM

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October 20       GCFM Design Workshop I

October 27       GCFM Fall Conference, Andover Country Club
The Acton Garden Club wins awards at the Fall Conference:
The Barbara D. May Website Award
Publicity Press Book Award 2008-2009

October 27       Board Meeting, at 9:15 AM

October 27       Newsletter Deadline       Read the Fall 2009 Newsletter

November 2009

November 3       ‘Gardens Galore’
A Slide Lecture with Music Irises in the garden set to peaceful music

with Linda Corapi ,
Twenty-five years as a landscaper, owner and designer of ‘Gardens Galore,’ specializing in perennial gardens.

Coffee 9:00 AM
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM

November 7-8       GCFM Environmental Studies School, Course II, Series III
Nantasket Beach Hotel & Conference Center. Hull, MA

November 10       Horticulture Study Group,    at 9:00 AM
‘Using Stone in the Garden’

November 10      Floral Design Program - ‘Holiday Magic’- Seasonal Designs that Transition from Nov – Dec Holidays’

            Open to the Public - St. Matthew’s Church, 435 Central St., Acton
Light Refreshments - 7:00 pm
Program - 7:30 pm
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November 22       GCFM Horticulture Morning - Maintaining your Landscape Naturally

November 24       Board Meeting, at 9:00 AM

November 27 - January 3, 2010 ‘Holly Days’ Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston, MA - Click here to see photos

December 2009

December 1   A Holiday Greens Workshop

You will have a choice of several holiday decorations to create. Bring greens from your yard and create a unique holiday decoration. too large.
with Mary Huntoon
Floral Designer and Master Judge for The Garden Club of America and National Garden Club, Inc.
Coffee - 9:00 AM
Business Meeting - 9:45 AM
Program - 10:30 AM
Light Lunch - 12:00 Noon

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December 5       Acton Memorial Library 'Holiday Mini Fair' Click here for more photos

January 2010

January 12       Horticulture Study Group
Annual "Planning Meeting" and Gardening Book and Magazine Swap",
at 9:15 AM

January 19       Floral Design Study Group
Getting ‘Flower Show’ Ready Acton Now & Then: Federal Period Design
After a demonstration by Maureen Christmas, we will create a design ‘in the manner of’ the Federal period. All components will be provided. Cost: $20
at 9:15 AM

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January 26       Board Meeting, at 9:00 AM

January 26     Financial Reports Due
Newsletter Deadline       Read the Spring 2010 Newsletter

January 27       GCFM Designing Principles II (snow date - January 28)

January 28 - 31   'Flora in Winter'
at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston MA and Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA

2010 Flora In Winter
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February 2010

February 2       Easy Growing Roses’
Lecture with Slides and Plants.
with David Cannistraro, American Rose Society Master Rosarian, Horticultural Rose Judge and partner in the landscape company ‘Just Roses.’
Coffee 9:00 AM
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM

February 9       Horticulture Study Group
Gardening Hints & Horrors ,
Program Presenters: Nancy Kingman, Nan Towle-Millet & Trudy Walther
at 9:15 AM

February 15       GCFM Horticulture Morning - At Home with Orchids

February 23       Board Meeting, at 9:15 AM

February 23       Annual Reports Due

March 2010

March 2       Window Boxes: The Herb Farmacy
A Demonstration Techniques for creating three different window boxes with herbs – culinary, aromatic and ornamental.
with Rita C. Wollmering Founder, grower and manager of ‘The Herb Farmacy,’ Salisbury, MA; a ten acre certified organic farm and nursery.

Coffee 9:00 AM
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM

March 9       Horticulture Study Group
Creating Topiaries (A Demonstration)
Program Presenter: Carole Ward
at 9:15 AM

March 16       Floral Design Study Group
Getting ‘Flower Show’ ReadyActon Now & Then: A Table for Two
Design a functional table for two on one-half of an 8’ table. Bring plates, beverage holders, table covering and a suitable container for your flower arrangement. Flowers will be provided. Bring your floral toolbox. Cost: $20.00 (Includes flowers)
at 9:15 AM

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March 23 - 28   Boston Flower and Garden Show - World Trade Center, Boston

March 29       GCFM Horticulture Morning - Growing Organic Vegetables and Herbs

March 30       Board Meeting, at 9:15 AM

March 31       GCFM Civic Development Workshop

April 2010


April 1 - 3   GCFM Garden Study School

April 6       The Annual Meeting and Luncheon
      Business Meeting and Annual Meeting 10:00 AM
      Friendship Hour 11:00 AM
      Luncheon 12:00 PM
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April 13       GCFM Design Workshop II

April 13       Horticulture Study Group
Dividing & Staking Plants
at 9:15 AM

April 24-26   Art in Bloom, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

                Click on the picture for a larger view and more information
April 27       Board Meeting
at 9:15 AM
(Both incoming and outgoing Board Members)

April 28   GCFM Designing Principles III

May 2010

May 4       ‘Floral Interpretations’
A Demonstration Eight designs ranging from meaningful tussie mussies to large flower show quality arrangements. As she arranges, she will explain mechanics and arranging techniques.
with Thelma Shoneman Nationally accredited flower show judge, ‘Master’ status

Coffee 9:00 AM
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM

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May 6       GCFM Central North & Central South Annual Meeting
Photo 1 - Current Club Presidents of the Central North District
Photo 2 & 3 - Maureen Christmas creating an edible arrangement

May 12-17       NGC National Convention, Atlanta, GA

May 15       Acton Garden Club, Annual Plant Sale For Information click here
                  Pictures from the 2010 Sale click here

May 18       Horticulture Study Group
Preparing Specimens for the Flower Show
Progran Presenters: Phyllis McDonough & Pat Kosicki
at 9:15 AM

May 19 - 21       GCFM NE Regional Symposium
Kennebunkport, ME

May 25      Board Meeting, at 9:15 AM

May 26      GCFM Annual Meeting, Regency Hotel, Westford, MA

June 2010

June 1       Organic Lawns
A PowerPoint Lecture Techniques to help preserve natural resources and prevent waste and pollution by focusing on the 4R’s of organic land care: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rebuy
with Donald Bishop, Author, Lecturer, and Landscaper. He and his company ‘Gardens Are...’ have been the recipients of many awards in the area of organic land care.

        Business Meeting 9:45 AM
        Program 10:30 AM
        High Tea 12:00 PM

June 6-12       National Garden Week

June 8       Horticulture Study Group
Tour of Jan Sack & Marty Schaffer’s Iris Garden
Leave from Acton Center Fire Station
at 9:15 AM

June 14 & 15       ‘All About Town' - Acton Garden Club Flower Show
Celebrating Acton's 275th Anniversary
at the Acton Memorial Library     
For Pictures of the show - Click here

July 2010

July 6       Tour of ‘Pleasant Garden Daylilies’,
111 Coventry Wood Road, Bolton, MA.
An American Hemerocallis Society display garden. Tour this lovely garden with over 400 cultivars and perhaps you may want to make a purchase in the selling garden. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the lovely setting.
with Sallyann King, a lecturer and member of the Bolton Garden Club, the Iris Society of MA and the American Hemerocallis Society.
Leave from the Acton Center Fire Station to carpool at 9:30am
Wear good walking shoes, bring sunscreen, water and a hat

August 2010

August 3      
Bonsai on the Rocks
At Tower Hill Botanic Garden Home of the Worcester County Horticultural Society
A Demonstration Bonsais are fascinating but are they difficult? Learn all about these fabulous miniaturized trees and shrubs.
with Mr. John Trexler,
Executive Director of the Worcester Horticultural Society at theTower Hill Botanical Garden
Leave from the Acton Center Fire Station to carpool at 9:00am
Short Business Meeting – 10:00 am
Speaker - 10:30 am
Enjoy the many magnificient gardens, garden shop, library, and Twigs Cafe for lunch on your own.

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