Schedule of Programs and Events
2015 - 2016

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Please refer to your 2015 - 2016 Yearbook for details on program or event locations.
The GCFM Horticulture Mornings and Design Workshop programs are held at the Elm Bank from 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon. Back to Basics programs are held at the Espousal Center from 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon.

September 2015

September 3     Board Meeting,
at 9:15 AM Thursday
September 8       'The Captured Garden'
A Lecture and Demonstration
with Deborah Trickett, Massachusetts Certified Horticulturalist and Landscape Professional
A hands-on demonstration of 'jaw-dropping, traffic-stopping, get your neighbors talking' container gardening. Two lucky members will go home with window boxes created by Deborah!

Coffee honoring Past Presidents - 9:00 AM
Business Meeting - 9:45 AM
Program - 10:30 AM

Acton Garden Club Past Presidents (left to right):
Pat Kosicki (2013-2015), Susanne Fuller (2011-2013), Joan Yatteau (2009-2011), Christine O'Connor ((1983-1985), Peggy Garrison (1999-2001), Judy Dembsey (1985-1987), Laura Lindop (2005-2007), Susan Diguette (1995-1997), Anne Becklean (1979-1981)

September 15       Horticulture Study Group
Guided Tour of Demonstration Gardens and Greenhouses
Location: Wellesley College
Program Leader: Nancy Kingman
Leave Acton Center Fire Station at 9:15 Bring snack and water; wear comfortable shoes for hilly terrain.

September 15-19   NGC - Fall Board Meeting, St Louis, MO
September 28   GCFMA Horticulture Morning
September 29   Board Meeting , at 9:15 AM

October 2015

October 6       ' Vanilla and Chocolate'
with Nancy Engel
Nancy lives and works parttime in Costa Rica on an organic farm, raising vanilla beans, cinnamon, and cacao for chocolate and more. Learn about farming methods in this beautiful, yet labor intensive industry. And “yes”, she will serve chocolate”!

Coffee 6:45 PM
Honoring 'Acton's Looking Good' Winners - 7:00 PM
Business Meeting 7:15 PM
Program 7:30 PM

October 2-12       Topsfield Fair
October 13      Horticulture Study Group
9:15 am Propagation Workshop: Hardwood Cuttings
Program Leaders: Anne Sterling, Fran Portante,and Sue Whitcomb (Consultant)
at 9:15AM

October 19       GCFMA Back to Basics I
October 20       GCFMA Design Workshop I,
October 20       Floral Design Study Group
at 9:15 PM

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'Trends and Techniques: Part I - Autumn Delights '
reate a Fall centerpiece using the wrapping technique, some leaf manipulation and fall flowers. Bring a pedes- tal type cake stand if possible and 4 or 5 apples. The cake stand is fun to work on and great staging for your completed design. Flowers, foliages, container, oasis, and wire are provided. Bring your tool box with floral sheers, wire cutters and wooden skewers in it. , with Thelma Shoneman
Bring: Pruners and Floral tool box Cost: $20
October 26       GCFMA Fall Conference
October 27       Board Meeting, at 9:15 AM
October 29- 31 1       GCFMA Landscape Design School

November 2015

November 3       'The Taming of the Yew'
with Tom Strangfeld, Eminent Landscaper,
Will provide a tongue-in-cheek look at the way suburbanites prune, protect, and otherwise punish the plants in their loving care. Meant to make you smile and laugh.

Coffee 9:00 AM
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM

November 7-8       GCFMA Environmental Study School, Elm Bank
November 10       Horticulture Study Group,    at 9:00 AM
Creating Focal Points
at 9:15 am
Program Leaders: Cathy Fochtman, Dorothy Marquis-OmerJoan Yatteau

November 16       GCFMA Back to Basics II
November 17       Board Meeting, Board Meeting,
at 9:15 AM Thursday
November 27 - January 3 'Holly Days'
Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston, MA

December 2015

December 1   Holiday Holiday Wreaths!! - A Greens Workshop (Members Only Program)
    Bring your pruners, and a selection of small greens from your yard to create a wreath on an 8½” oasis ring. It is perfect for a centerpiece with a candle, with a bowl of cranberries, for an advent wreath or to hang on your door. Boxwood, Chamaecyparis, Juniper, Holly, berries and small cones are suggested. If you have extra greens, bring them to share. Cost: $5.00 per oasis ring. Cost: $5 per oasis ring
    with Thelma Shoneman Floral Designer and Master Judge for the National Garden Club Federation, Inc.
    Coffee - 9:00 AM
    Business Meeting - 9:45 AM
    Program - 10:30 AM
    Light Lunch - 12:00 Noon

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January 2016

January 12       Horticulture Study Group
Annual "Planning Meeting" and Gardening Book and Magazine Swap
at 9:15 AM

January 12       GCFMA Design Workshop II
January 19       Floral Design Study Group
Design Classics: Trends and Techniques: Part II - Hearts and Flowers
Create a heart shaped design using the technique of clustering elements, giving the arrangement a modernfeel. All components will be provided. Bring floral shears and wire cutters and your toolbox. Cost $20.
at 9:15 AM

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January 26       Board Meeting, at 9:00 AM
January 26     Financial Reports Due

February 2016

February 2       ' Floorcloth Workshop'
with Betsy Grecoe
Betsy presents a brief lecture on the history of the floorcloth, followed by a 1 1/2 hour workshop where members will complete one of their own. These can be used as a potted plant guard, as a centerpiece, or as a gift. Artistic abilities are not required. All materials are provided.
Coffee 9:00 AM
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM

February 9       Horticulture Study Group
'Workshop: Rosebud Wreath & How to Dry Flowers' ,
Program Presenter: Janet Richards, Jean Lane, Helen Webster
at 9:15 AM

February 23       Board Meeting, at 9:15 AM
February 23       Annual Reports Due

March 2016

March 1       'Floral Design and Lecture'
with Mary Huntoon Award-winning Floral Designer
with Mary Huntoon Photographer, Lecturer, & Gardener

Coffee 9:00 AM
Business Meeting 9:45 AM
Program 10:30 AM

March 8       Horticulture Study Group
Problems in the Garden
Program Leaders: Susanne Fuller, Ruth Schemel, and Sue Whitcomb
at 9:15 AM

March 16 - 20   Boston Flower & Garden Show - Seaport World Trade Center, Boston
March 21       GCFMA Back to Basics II
March 22       Floral Design Study Group
Trends and Techniques: Part III - “ Spring “
A Parallel Design - Create a centerpiece for your Easter table using bright spring colors. You will have fun withleaf manipulation, too! Bring your tool box with u-glusin it! All other components will be provided. Cost: $20
at 9:15 AM

March 29       Board Meeting, at 9:15 AM

April 2016


April 5       The Annual Meeting and Luncheon
      Coffee and Conversation 9:30 AM
      Business Meeting and Annual Meeting 10:00 AM
      Friendship Hour 11:00 AM
      Luncheon 12:00 PM
April 7-8       GCFM Garden Study School, Tower Hill Boylston
April 12       Horticulture Study Group
Houseplants Unlimited Growing Problems; Bring a Plant or a Photo of a Plant
Program Leader: Helen Webster
at 9:15 AM

April 12       GCFM Design Workshop III
April 23 - 25   Art in Bloom, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
April 26       Board Meeting
at 9:15 AM
(Both incoming and outgoing Board Members)

May 2016

May 3       'Just Cook!'
with Paul Split, who will instruct us about cooking “Lite and Healthy” from our gardens. There will be demonstrations and treats...bring your bib!

Coffee 6:45 PM
Business Meeting 7:00 PM
Program 7:30 PM

May 11- 18       NGC National Convention, Grand Rapids, MI

May 21       Acton Garden Club, Annual Plant SaleFor Information click here
May 31      Board Meeting, at 9:15 AM

June 2016

June 7       'Terrific Tabletops' (Members Only Program)
with Thelma Shoneman, Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judge, Master Status
Four teams of designers will create 'Tablescapes' suggesting one of the four seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. The teams will explain their thought process in coming up with the floral unit and the other components on the table.

        Coffee 9:00 AM
        Business Meeting 9:45 AM
        Program 10:30 AM
        Tea 12:00 PM

June 1       GCFMA Annual Meeting

June 14       Horticulture Study Group
Tour of Moss Steps and The Court: A Garden Within Reach (currently under construction)
Program Leader: Dorothy Marquis-Omer
at 9:15AM leave the Acton Center Fire Station

July 2016

July 12       Tour of a York Harbor, Maine Garden
A tour of a York Harbor, Maine garden, followed with a luncheon served by Laura Lindop at her cottage.
Leave from the Acton Center Fire Station to carpool at 9:00am
Bring snack and water; wear comfortable shoes.

August 2016

August 2      
Tour of Charity Tremblay's Garden
with Charity Tremblay
This gardener's modest "Vegetable Palace" was constructed to provide protection against ravaging deer and to offer ease of cultivation and maintenance in a series of raised beds. Words cannot describe the six garden beds. Established over the last 25 years, ranging from shade to full sun, the gardener has made an effort to cultivate an old-fashioned country garden...or six! Please come and enjoy!

Leave from the Acton Center Fire Station to carpool at 9:00am
Bring snack and water; wear comfortable shoes.

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